November 5, 2010

Friday Confessional

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I confess:

For the first time in 8 (yes, EIGHT) years I opened my door to trick-or-treaters


this was because
I had a huge bowl of Halloween "goodies" -remember I don't do candy

We went to my brothers trunk-or-treat and passed out like 15 treats-we got rained out

I didn't want left-overs

I turned on my porch light

the kids came

Oh some really cute tiny ones dressed as bumble bees and lady bugs whose parents reminded them to say "Thank You".

But then I got some rude ones

they tried to smash my jack-o-lanterns, BUT

I was on the look-out and scared them nearly crapless


I guess Halloween CAN be fun!


  1. My favorite are the teenage girls that look like they should be on a street corner. Gotta love Halloween.

    Thanks for coming by my blog

  2. That must have been a sight! LOL...
    Serves them right....

  3. We took our 2 year old out this year and one house gave out popsicles. Seriously? I mean, it's 30 degrees. Odd