October 2, 2011

Wing Man

DISCLAIMER: Any and ALL typing/ grammer errors are the result of using my iPad to write this post on account of I'm just too lazy to go fire up the computer right now! I claim full responsibility for my mistakes and ask you to please overlook them.

 wing·man /ˈwɪŋmən/ noun plural wing·men /-mən/ [count] : a pilot or airplane that flies behind and outside the leader of a group of airplanes in order to provide support or protection — often used figuratively ▪ She was my wingman [=she helped me] on the project.

 Tonight I was the wing man for a friend. We are both single -she lost her hubby to cancer- and you all know I'm divorced now. We decided to go to a dance. Do any of you know how long it's been since I've been dancing? Seriously, comment and make a guess-I'll let you know in my next post.

 Well I got all dressed up. Had my slacks, my asian/eastern inspired shirt (with sparkely studs!), my chandelier earrings and my hair was pumped up and curly. After I finished accessorizing with a cocktail ring my friend picked me up. I asked her how she felt about body glitter and she said we should go for it. A couple quick sprays later we were sparkly and ready to go.

 We went to dinner first and I tried so hard not to think about dancing. When we got to the dance it was kinda slow going.  We weren't the FIRST ones' there but the crowd was thin. I was nervous. My stomach was doing a dance of it's own-a thing something like nausea and then butterflies. Perfect justice would be having my ex feel all the emotions he's put me through or that have stemmed from this divorce. I prayed I wouldn't throw up on anyone.

 After about 20 minutes of canvasing the area and more people coming I got asked to dance. This in itself was HUGE for me. My friend is way cuter than me-at least I think so-so that was a good shot in the arm for my confidence. WoooHoo! I danced three songs with the guy and it was good. I kept trying to talk myself into asking someone to dance and then felt like such a chicken. I am one to take charge of situations and get things done, but when it comes to guys...I prefer someone who will at least meet me half way. I like a take-charge kind of guy. I felt like I was in high school again, building up the courage and then rationalizing that right when I ask them the song will change. Does it really matter? No. Yes?

 I thought I saw one of my clients from the place where I do corporate massage. It turned out not be him for which I was grateful. Although 1/2 way through a guy from that office came over and asked me to dance- what are the odds? I ran into 3 other people that I know, so that was fun.

 My friend and I had worked out a secret signal if we needed each other to swoop in and perform wing man duties. I walked by and noticed her and signed and she signed back. I signed again to double check but nothing, so I went away. A few minutes later the guy I know from work came over and we went outside on the patio for a bit. My friend was there, but I guess she didn't notice me, cause she was talking to the same guy out there. My guy was going on and on about his past relationships and I kept glancing at my friend to make sure she was okay-she just didn't see me for some reason. I feel bad cause on the drive home she said she was stuck wtith this guy for like an hour. I guess I need to work on my wing man skills. Don't worry, I'll hone them and swoop in and rescue her next time for SURE!

 So, gotta tell you the highlights of the dance:
 - The hair. Seriously saw 40 year old women rocking their high school hair styles. Can we say bad perms?
-The clothes. Mom Jeans. Burn them baby and get something flattering!
-muscle shirts-never has a shirt said so much about so little
-finally getting over my butterflies and asking some people to dance (unfortunately one of them had the same name as my ex-and I found out he didn't have the same standards as me-must be something about the name-note to self: avoid at all costs.)
-getting asked to dance by two complete strangers!!!!! WOOT- this old girl's still got SOMETHING!
 On the downside-I think I pulled an ovary. Goodnight :)

October 1, 2011

Autumn Poem

Dusky twilight
Birds flitting between the trees

Smell of rich good earth
Bubble and cadence of
murmuring fountain

Slightest tinge of gold on 
green green leaves

A sigh of quieting down
Slowly the garden is falling asleep.

-Debbie Davis