April 25, 2011

Monday Mingle 4/25/11

Hello People!  It's time for Monday Mingle once again. 
 Link on up with EightyMPHMom and join the fun.

Current questions {week of 4/18/11}:

1. Do you have an iPod or other music source? Name 3 artists from different genres that you currently have on there.
2. What are your plans for Easter?
3. What traditions did you have for Easter when you were a kid?

April 22, 2011

High Heels

Okay peeps,
I just gotta put this out there to all of you.  WHY do people wear high heels in impracticable places?  Maybe it's just me, but why would you want to torture yourself at the amusement park, or walking the sprawling gardens stretched out over endless acres, especially when the path is cobblestone or gravel?  The home improvement show at the Expo Center with concrete floors, heck, ANYWHERE with concrete floors.  I just don't get it.  I don't.  My feet and lower legs ACHE after wearing heels for more than an hour.  I'm feeling it for days afterward.

For me, heels are worn to special occasions.  A wedding (not the whole time though), for taking pictures, and sometimes to church.  I am just on my feet so much that wearing heels is an affront to my health.  How about you?  I'm curious to know, so comment below!

April 21, 2011

That's One Big Baby

I clipped this out of the newspaper and forgot about it.  As I was cleaning up today I knew I had to post it on my blog.  All I have to say is either that is one big baby or one SMALL big sister.  They do have different dads apparently.

April 6, 2011

What's the Point?

So today I went to lunch with a friend.  We went to Cafe Rio.  A semi-casual dining establishment.  The kinds where you stand in a line, get to the counter and order your food.  Drinks are from a cardboard cup filled at the drink station.
My friend and I both just wanted water.  The drink station was swarming with people, due to the fact that it was lunch hour for the business park near by.  The water button is the kind you push down with your finger right in front of the lemonade.  We both filled up and ate lunch.   On the way out we both wanted a refill.  Once again it was swamped by people.  I filled up my cup and noticed my friend filling hers up too.  I looked closer at the button she was pushing.  It was marked soda.  I asked my friend if she knew she was getting plain soda water, she hadn't noticed.

Then it hit me,  I have NEVER seen anyone fill up with just plain soda water.  Seriously, what's the point?  Can you imagine "Yes dear, I'd love a refill, just plain soda water".  I don't get it.