April 25, 2011

Monday Mingle 4/25/11

Hello People!  It's time for Monday Mingle once again. 
 Link on up with EightyMPHMom and join the fun.

Current questions {week of 4/18/11}:

1. Do you have an iPod or other music source? Name 3 artists from different genres that you currently have on there.
2. What are your plans for Easter?
3. What traditions did you have for Easter when you were a kid?


  1. YAY! you mingled. Of course you hosted Easter dinner, you homemaking crafty fool. I LOVE the WAY you decorate food AND your house of course. The tables look lovely. And the word fool being used here is a good thing...like I am a cRAZY video making fool...lol.

    I LOVE love your house! It is lovely. And I do hope you had a lovely Easter with your family. You deserve that.
    Love ya Debbie!
    I feel like I just chatted with ya..well uh somewhat.
    You have 2 ipods?
    Wow. Lucky.
    If you have Skype we can skype each other...just sayin.
    Think about it, busy girl.
    Love ya!

  2. Hello! You sound like me - I always have music with me - always! I love Josh Groban...he is amazing. Oooh and Natalie Merchant - love her!

    Wow what a beautiful set up for Easter. If I had known you were throwing such a shindig, I would have come over!

    Have a great week!

  3. Enya is awesome
    Oooooh Natalie Merchant and the Cranberries

    I'm so with you on the music

    Wow what pretty table settings and, um, wish I could come over.

    Hope you guys had a great time.