January 18, 2011

Monday Mingle 1/18/11

Monday Mingle is hosted by EightyMPHMom  please check out her mingle and those of others and link on up!  It's fun peeps!

January 14, 2011

Friday Confessional

I've had a really upsetting week.

Why do people put their noses in your business and judge you without knowing the whole story?  In all fairness, if they knew the whole story, aka THE TRUTH, they'd probably apologize PROFUSELY and see where I was coming from.

It's so easy to get mad

It's easy to let the anger eat you up

Guess what's good for that?


And hugs from your sweet boy.

4 year olds give the best hugs, ever.

I confess that I no longer will take bad energy from people

Fling it at me and I will throw it on the trash heap!

I confess that confessing sure make me feel better.

Don't let people throw their trash at you!!  Tell them to take it to the dump :)

Please link up at Glamazon.  Trust me, you'll feel better. :D

January 7, 2011


So lately I've been second guessing my instinct. And guess where it's gotten me? WRONG-every time.

For example today at IKEA I passed what was left of the Christmas clearance items. Stcked neatly on the shelf were boxes of red and white tapers. I thought 70 percent was was great, but then my instinct set in and said "Debbie, those probably won't be on clearance because they are candles, an ALL season item". Then I thought I shouldn't buy them because I am good in the candle dept.

Well, I reasoned with myself that I was going to host more parties and would therefore need the candles. Guess what happened at the check out?

Yup. NOT on sale. I bought them anyway because there were people in line inching closer by the minute and I didn't really want to have to call someone over.

I'll probably end up returning them next week when I'm back in the area. WHY didn't I listen?