January 7, 2011


So lately I've been second guessing my instinct. And guess where it's gotten me? WRONG-every time.

For example today at IKEA I passed what was left of the Christmas clearance items. Stcked neatly on the shelf were boxes of red and white tapers. I thought 70 percent was was great, but then my instinct set in and said "Debbie, those probably won't be on clearance because they are candles, an ALL season item". Then I thought I shouldn't buy them because I am good in the candle dept.

Well, I reasoned with myself that I was going to host more parties and would therefore need the candles. Guess what happened at the check out?

Yup. NOT on sale. I bought them anyway because there were people in line inching closer by the minute and I didn't really want to have to call someone over.

I'll probably end up returning them next week when I'm back in the area. WHY didn't I listen?

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