December 8, 2010

Happy Shopping/Friday Confessional

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I confess:

The thing I hate about shopping is waiting.  No matter what line I pick, someone in front of me has a problem where the manager needs to come and give assistance.  Happened Monday at Costco.  Two lanes open at the food court.  I chose the line with two people in it instead of three.  Person at the front got charged for something he didn't order and wanted his money back...meanwhile 8, yes EIGHT people have passed through the other line.  How long does it take to pop open the till and refund the money people?!

Kmart. (really, though, are there ANY Kmarts left?)  I used to work at Kmart when I was 18.  THERE is a store where you should bring someone with you.  Here's the "quick" plan.
1. Two of you enter store.
2. One stands in the single check-out lane and waits for turn at check out.
3. Other one shops for items needed, tries on clothes, stops by the cafe for a pretzel and and ICEE, uses the bathroom, takes a nap and proceeds to the check out where person #1 is waiting in line with 3 people in front still...

Walmart.  Oh two years ago my New Years Resolution was to only shop at Walmart once a month. (unless something came up like needing to get a birthday present 'cause my kid got invited to a party).  I think I only shopped there 16 times that year.  It was FANTASTIC.
Things I dislike about Walmart

1. Waiting.  Tell me Walmart people, what is the point of having 32 check stands if you only open 4 of them?  I find this to be an evil ploy.  If you only use all check stands on Black Friday you are wasting precious store space which could be filled with cheap Chinese-made junk we could spend money for but don't actually need.

2.  I hate to say this but Walmart shopping carts give me the heebie jeebies.  The year before I made my resolution I got sick 3 times after visiting Walmart....need I say more? This has improved over the years due to the sanitary wipe wash-down, but I still need to wash my hands with soap and water immediately after coming home.

3.  Crowded space.  I think recently Walmart has been working on this one.  In my opinion all aisles should be three shopping cart-width's wide.  You know SOMEONE is going to just park the cart and hog the aisle comparing nutrition facts or something and frankly I'd just like a way to get around them.

4.  Some of the patrons.  I once saw a lady in her underpants and a shirt.  Really, they were undies, not a swim bottom...ewwwww.  You all know about, right?  Unfortunately the pics are REAL .

Malls.  Malls are sometimes good, sometimes bad...I'll leave it at that for now.



  1. Ugh. I hate shopping too.
    Online is the way to go though...

  2. I HATE Walmart stores with a passion, you seriously need to be on anxiety meds if your going to shop there regularly. But there online shopping is awesome!