December 22, 2010

Esmeralda's Prophecies

On Main Street in Disneyland I received this prophecy from Esmeralda...she is front and center in the arcade, and she has never once been off.  Seriously.  NEVER. So without further ado:

You have had a lot of trouble, for which others are largely responsible (DH), but you are now reaching a point when you will be able, by your own efforts, to control your own affairs (separation).  You are not easily understood, as you keep much to yourself. (Well, my bloggy readers know some).  You are fond of fine arts (this is true, but I never get around to going to the symphony or even those lovely Christmas concerts, or out to the museums to see the latests exhibits...oh man, do I have some resolutions) and like to be alone a great deal (this is true, alone time gives me time to recharge, put me with people too long and I get irritated-I need a little "me" space to unwind, or focus on a task without distractions).  You sometimes have a desire to destroy things, especially in your young days (I'll admit I've made more than 1 hole in a wall....long time ago, k?), for which you are sorry afterward (yeah, sorry I had to fix it, hehehehe).  Be careful when the figure 7 appears on any money transaction, and keep your eyes open to some of your "would be" friends. (okay, ya'all better not cross me, GOT IT!)

All this for 25 cents.  What a bargain.  Happy day peeps, and be careful with those 7's ;)

1 comment:

  1. Unless you happen to get a check for 7,000.
    i wouldn't turn that down.
    Love the fortune!