October 10, 2010

Simple Plan

So a couple of weeks ago my friend Cluttered Brain had a run-in with a "lady" that lives by her.  It was quite a nasty encounter.  This brought back memories of two "friends" of mine who basically chided me and screwed me over for standing up for my convictions.  Oh I had a rough time of it.  It hurt me to the very core. So bad that I was even having health problems.  I have since overcome these two individuals. Thank Heavens.  This song by Simple Plan helped me through it.  In the end I'm glad I held firm in my beliefs, it proved to be a great learning experience for me.  Maybe my two former "friends" will encounter some of the Karma they dished out to me....
So I dedicate this song to all those people in my life who think they know better....educated idiots, shrews, those calling evil good and good evil, the cliques, those who judge from appearances and not from the heart.  This goes out to you ALL.


  1. I love this song! Thanks for that.
    You on the other hand MEAN aLOT to ME!

  2. Well I love this song NOW, after you told me about it...Schweet!

  3. Friends like that are only clutter that complicates life. I bet it felt good to let them go and move forward.

  4. I completely echo what Kellie said. It is so true! I've had a horrible experience with girls I thought were "friends" and I am so much happier w/out the drama they were in my life. xoxo