October 29, 2010

Friday Confessional

Friday Confessional is hosted by Glamazon.  Please click on her linky to join the fun and see what wither have confessed.

I confess:

I dislike Halloween.  Mostly I'm just irritated by stupid people.  We have a "trunk-or-treat" here in my neck of the woods.  Everyone piles into their cars and heads over to the church parking lot where you open your trunk to the trick-or-treaters and pass out candy.

I don't pass out candy

Not saying I don't eat candy, but it just seems too freaking much for one night.

I give out pencils, stickers, spider rings, glow sticks ect.....

Which either makes me really cool or super lame.

I confess it irks the hell out of me when kids don't even bother to say "trick-or-treat".  They just stand there without he bag wide open and expect you to just drop something in.

What's worse is not receiving a "thank you".  This is probably one of my highest pet peeves about this nasty tradition.  If I go to the trouble to give something to you, a complete STRANGER, you sure as hell better be grateful.  Really, I don't expect your undying gratitude, but I do expect a  "thank you".

I confess I don't ever turn my porch light on on Halloween and receive Trick-or-Treaters at my home

Mostly this is due to the fact that I am ALWAYS alone (with the kids) on all Hallows Eve and in my hood I don't want to answer the door after dark.

I hide down stairs in the basement with all the light off and watch movies with my kids.

And still people ring the damn bell!




  1. LOL! This cracked me up. I feel similar in some ways but love it in others. So not surprised people still ring the bell. They are stubborn little things LOL!

  2. All those times I came by you were in the basement?! You owe me candy!!!