September 8, 2010


What I Meant to Say Wednesday

I spent my Labor Day...laboring

No, not THAT kind.  Whew. 
My sister, who lives out of state recently got an apartment.  She's a nanny and had been living in-house.  Most of her things are still at my parents house, for obvious reasons.  So, Mom and Dad asked me to help pack up her belongings so they can drive them out to her this week.  After all "Your sister has been so good to you.  She has helped you move, she has watched your kids so you could take a shower, she spoils them rotten when she's here"  OKAY.  I got it.  So off I went to help pack boxes.  

Mind you, my sister is wonderful.  But I recall more than once her mentioning how much CRAP I had when she was moving me.  Not to say that I don't.  I'm really trying to pare down and de-junk my space.  But we packed over 20 medium U-haul boxes from just her bedroom.  Even my mom made mention that I didn't have this much stuff.  So WIMTS was "Holy CRAP.  You have 4 times the CRAP I do.  Before you start judging me, take a look at your own dang space.  Yes, I do have a lot of things I don't need, but you have MORE!"

Today we are loading the truck.  I won't be there to empty it (hehehe).  I do not envy her the task she has ahead :)

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  1. hee-hee. So what did you mean to say to your sister when you helped her move on Labor Day?
    UGH...."Heck NO, I'm not laboring on Labor day...i'm taking a break"
    LOL. Or something like that...
    Thanks for joining. I like it when my friends join...:)

  2. good Lord although I would probably have a whole lot more between my stuff and hubby's stuff and that would be our bedroom.