September 14, 2010

Never Too Late

Do you ever find it difficult to think of a title for your blog post?  Well, luckily for me today's came pretty easy.  I wanted to speak of only a specific thing today, that I'm just getting into again (that being regular exercise), but just as I was going to tell you of my adventures the thought struck me that I should post a list of things that it's never too late for.  And as I do, I invite you, too, to post a list of things that are never too late to do.

1. Yes, number one for me is getting to the gym, at least 3 days a week. I went to the I-Tunes store and typed in "running guide" or something like that in the search box.  I was able to find a FREE podcast that eases you into running a 5K in 6 weeks.  The podcast is  called 5K 101.  So off the gym I went.  They have these treadmills with built in fans at the gym, Oh how I LOVE the constant flow of air to dry the sweat off my face.  So, I followed "Todd" the personal trainer in my first work out since 20?? (muffled).  Wow, It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.  I felt really good afterwards.  Honest.  Last night my legs were a LITTLE sore, so I put my feet up and went to bed.  Today I"m still feeling well.  I have my gym clothes ready to go in the morning for day 2 of week one.   In the words of SpongeBob Square Pants "I'm ready!"

2- It's also never too late to realize how much you love your children.  How you truly want the best for them, how you want them to know how much you love them, and how you would do anything for them.  My kids are about to go through a hard time.  They are being dealt the short end of the stick.  I want them to know that I will be their rock.  I will be there with open arms.  I will be there with listening ears.  My heart is theirs.  My life is theirs.  They are my everything.  Everything.  They are the best thing that has ever come from me.  Ever.

3- It's never too late to start a blog.  Or your 7th.  Yes, this is my 7th blog.  Don't even bother trying to find the other six...they are not listed.  My original blog is about my family.  It has my kids' stuff on it.  If you know me and my family PERSONALLY then it might be interesting, but I don't want to bore you to death with silly things.  So THIS is my blog.  After last weeks Monday Mingle I came to find that a few people have a blog their FAMILY doesn't know about.  This thought had never crossed my mind, but it intrigued me nonetheless.  I say this because ONE time I used my blog to vent about a certain family member whom I lived with....well I got some flack for it from someone else and edited my writings. NOT ANYMORE!  I am 30? (muffled) years old and refuse to be silenced! (except when telling my weight or age, hehehe).  And sometimes I just need to I know we all do.  Therefore I Christen this MY blog and I'll put on it whatever I darn well please...and I encourage you all to do the same.  Now go write your lists :)


  1. You are a rock...a rock that rocks! You're right, it's never too late to start something you want to do.

  2. Debbie girl...I think that you may have just convinced me to start my own blog..."may have" we will see. You are such an amazing lady!

  3. I need to remember this more often. I usually think it's too late. It's really not too late to do most things. :)

  4. YAY! And No. it' not too late to start a many things! I love you Debbie! I'm glad we are friends!