September 2, 2010

Serious? aka The Lack of Common Sense

I recently went to a preschool orientation.  The letter was mailed out 3 weeks ago.  The flyer gave the who, what, where, when, why information and clearly stated that children were not to attend the orientation.
I arrived at the school 10 minutes early.  There were only 2 other people in attendance.  I received my folder and filled out the information needed.  I made a quick jaunt to the ladies room and when I returned to the classroom, the room was packed.  Good. Glad everyone decided to come.  I found a seat on the outskirts and sat down to listen to the teacher.  Unfortunately there were about 5 children present.  I went to the time and effort to arrange child-care for my son, so I was a little upset.  Did these people not read their letters?
Please note, I understand that at times things come up and you have to bring your child...I've been there.  But these children were running around dragging toys off the shelves (mind you, the noisy ones) and jumping around the place.  I was struggling to hear the teacher as she went over our packets.  I leaned over and shhhhhhhed some kids, but really, I should not have had to do so.  That is the parents job.  I felt so sorry for the teacher who was trying her best to make her voice heard over the tumult of a boy dragging his arm through a box of Legos.  If my child were making that much noise I would take him out of the room so that other people could hear.
I don't know if what happened next was worse.  The teacher had to tell parents to dress their children appropriately for the weather.  We have 4 distinct seasons each year where I live and having to tell parents to dress their child in boots, gloves, hats and COATS (not sweaters) for winter was just outright SAD.  But maybe not as sad as having to remind parents that their child needs to come to school with breakfast in their stomach.

Also, do not drop off your child early and pick them up late.
Do not bring them if they are sick (DUH!)
Bring a change of clothes for your child (do you not know preschool is messy and sometimes accidents happen?)
LABEL your children's belongings

I am disgusted that people need to be reminded of these sort of things.  Lack of education and general apathy are so present in today's society.  I pray we get back to some good old fashioned taking care of ourselves and our brood and not expect others to do it for us.  Supporting ourselves is a God-given privilege that needs to be valued and expected. There are MANY who can, but don't.  I pray they will realize the implications of their actions and choose to take action and DO.  It's not easy all the time, but it is definitely worth it.

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  1. 5 people?
    Flyers out 3 weeks before?
    There does need to be more caring in this society, especially for OUR children...
    LOVE your blog hun!