May 19, 2011

The Thing I Miss About Winter

It's finally May, and for the most part the weather has been lovely.  People have been mowing their lawns, digging the weeds and planting gardens.  The leaves are on the trees, gentle breezes wisp through the yard.  Ahhhh.

But why is it that when the temperature rises so does the noise?  I'm not saying the kids riding bikes or playing in their backyards.  That's all fine and good.  I am saying that I've noticed that when the temperature goes up so do peoples' sound systems.  It is aggravating to the nth degree.  I seriously do not want to hear your "music". Put your dang earphones in and jam on your own time.  Especially on a school night.  Jerks.

What do YOU miss about winter?


  1. I honestly don't miss anything about winter. I am SO ready for spring and sunshine. :)

  2. i'm with purseblogger..I dont miss winter at all.
    but I do agree, as it warms up things do get kids...*sigh*