May 26, 2011

How to Almost Get Thrown Out of a U2 Concert

 Oh - My - Gosh!  All I can say is that I laughed, I cried, I almost got thrown out by a security guard....  Details to follow.  But first, kinda hard to see I know but the bottom line of the screen in the first photo reads "Blog posts today 3,421,179"  I thought how apropos!  Sorry the pics are sorta crappy I took them with my piddley blackberry camera.  Then I had to upload them to Facebook before I could get them to iPhoto.  I need to get one of the card adaptors that makes your teeny tiny SD card fit into a regular SD card slot and not get lost.  Oi.  Technology.  

Let me say that the 360 Tour did not disappoint.  The opening act was The Fray. They performed some popular songs like "Never Say Never" , "How to Save a Life" and "Over My Head".  Between The Fray and U2 the screen was rotating with all sorts of information and time from places across the globe.  

 The show was spectacular.  AMAZING 
 "The Claw" is a jaw-dropping feat of physics in action.  What didn't this stage have?
 The screen was spectacular.  It expanded and contracted and images rotated.  I have more pictures of this but can't get them to upload right now. grrr.
The performance was out of this world.  There were some lesser "radio" played songs that true U2 aficionados would know and appreciate.  At times it was a flashback to the 80's but kept true to the music of today as well.

Highlights of the show:

*Bono acknowledges the one year wait we had to endure due to his emergency spinal surgery.  Acknowledges and THANKS us for hanging in there and supporting him TONIGHT (at the show)

*Pulls 3 sisters on stage and has them read a poem he wrote about Utah.  I Love that they do a local flare everywhere they play.

*Tells the story of how The Edge had problems with the hot water in his hotel room shower.  And how he bought a teakettle to make hot water and then other items to fix the shower with.  He didn't have a hissy fit and charge out of the hotel or rant and rave at the manager-he just found a quiet solution to the problem.  KUDOS to The Edge!!! 
(puts these diva rock stars nowadays to SHAME)

*When the 500,000 led panel screen expanded for the first time

* Vintage video of U2 during their "Joshua Tree" days playing on the screen during one song.

*How Bono and U2 have a knack of making you think globally and of more than just yourself.  It puts your "problems" into perspective for sure.

*Bono coming swinging down from the middle "rocket ship" out over the crowd on that blue microphone contraption.

*And seeing for myself that they do get better with age-be still my heart!

Now for the almost getting thrown out part:

My sister was going to the concert too.  Well, she managed to procure some back stage passes (through her work).  I told her to just take her friend who was with her- really  it was OKAY.  So, along with the passes came better tickets.

She sent me an IM to tell me where her new seats were.  I was only in the third row back in the stadium,  NOT on the floor.  She was on the floor, but in the platform so she was a little closer than me but not pressed with the general admission peeps.  I IM'd her back and told her I was super close.  So she comes walking over and I go down to meet her at the railing.  I'm asking her how the backstage thing was (she said she didn't get to meet the band, and I thought that was the POINT of a backstage pass).  And I'm crouching down and she is by the barricade on the floor.  There is at least 12 feet between us. I asked her if she wanted me to take her picture with the stage in the background and she said yes.  I take her camera and snap a picture.  

Next thing I know the security guard from the floor is screaming "Give me your ticket".  I kinda panic because I'm thinking maybe it's not okay to take a picture.  I reply "What ticket?"  He just yells again and I tell him I don't have any ticket except the one in my purse.  I told him I was just taking a picture.  He said something about "I'll THROW YOU OUT" and I was like "For taking a picture?"  He left me alone after that.  

As I was heading to my seat it occurred to me he might have thought that my sister was passing me a ticket to try and get both of us down on the platform or that I was trying to sneak down, which I WASN'T!!!!  Stupid guy was on a power trip I think.  

There was a group of people on the row in front of me and they asked what happened.  I told them the guard thought that I was trying to sneak down or something.  They were really cute and when the guard made his way back up by our area they heckled him.  I got support from complete strangers! So thank you to the guys from row two right in front of me!!!


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