February 16, 2011

Simply Disgusting

I have been meaning to post about this nasty subject for quite a while.  And it was confirmed to me that I should after twice in one week experiencing the phenomenon of being in a public restroom and having someone walk out without washing their hands.

Shame on you people for spreading your germs and yuck around.  You are revolting.  Do you somehow think that after doing your business and wiping you are magically germ-free? Or after changing a diaper you are squeaky clean?

I remember reading an article a few years back about how there are less germs on the OUTSIDE of a bathroom door, than on the inside.  Ya'll KNOW what's on those knobs and door pulls don't you?

Which brings me to mention that I NEVER open a public restroom door with my bare hand. NEVER.  I'll use a paper towel or if none are available (due to there only being hand dryers)  I'll use the inside of my jacket.  It's just too risky not to.

Speaking of restrooms,  what's with hanging the toilet paper dispenser so low to the ground?
I constantly bump my knee or thigh on it, and then I have to crouch down so low to finagle my hand up into the dispenser to find the roll of paper.  Then, when said paper is found it's as thin as tissue paper.  Is this someones sick joke?  Why would I want to wipe my butt with something I can see through?  So I have to pull out like 20 feet of tissue paper to layer it into 2-ply at least.  I think I need to pack a roll of TP in my purse.

Oh, how about those faucets with no handles?  I can see the premise here-when you come out of the potty you spread your germs to the faucet, then wash and re-germ your hand when you go to shut off the faucet.  But really, those "magic" faucets never seem to work for me.  I go down the line from sink to sink then back and maybe get 10 seconds water time...it's so frustrating that maybe I won't wash MY hands next time....

EW.  Just kidding.  And as a back up I have hand sanitizer :)

Have a happy day peeps.  Be careful out there in those restrooms :D


  1. I am so with you on this. I hate public restrooms. They are just a petrie dish. Ew!

  2. Ew. who didn't wash before they left?
    Just ew.
    I like hand sanitizer too.