February 11, 2011

Friday Confessional

Hello people.  Happy Friday to you.  It's time once again for Friday Confessional hosted by Glamazon and Mamarazzi.  To whom you can link up respectively.

I confess:

I read Flylady newsletters.  They are really inspirational.  I am "fluttering" right now in keeping my house in order, but hope to be able to get all flylady's routines down so the house "practically cleans itself"

I got rid of over 200 pounds of "stuff" from my house in January. (Thanks Flylady)

My 2nd daughters room is a freaking mess.  Do I clean it up again?  I hate babysitting her while she does it.  Takes her 2 hours, I could be done in 20 minutes.  Decisions decisions...

I want to repaint my bedroom.  Ever since hubs moved out...  I want to rearrange the furniture too, except it will only fit in one way 'cause the room is only 12 feet by 15 feet.

I really feel the need to put all of the pictures of our family into a box or album.  I have way too many in frames of "happier times" that I don't want to be reminded of.
I'm just worried that if the kids came home to a house with no pictures they'd be upset.  Any thoughts?

Has anybody gone through mediation as a means to divorce?  I am filing myself but have heard about mediation too.  I could use any advice you've got. I confess it would help put my mind at ease to know my options.

I confess I am strong and will make it through this!

Happy Friday my friends.



  1. I really enjoyed the fly lady when I felt I needed a little push. But it got crazy enough with the emails I finally unsubscribed. But I am glad she is helping you.

    I have found that it is hard to let your kids clean their own rooms when you can get it done so much faster and without the whining. BUT it is so not worth it. If you do it now you will be doing it forever! (or close to it)

    Can you make it to where maybe you leave out a few pics for the kids. Mostly them with their dad. Transition slowly for their sake. They are already having loss so you don't want to just yank everything away from them. I would be happy to talk with you some more if you would like to contact me.

    Hope things get better.

  2. HA! I don't have many pic displayed because they are mostly on the computer...lol.
    and besides that my hubby hates getting his pic taken. But I'd leave some of them with him and the kids still out.
    they may have seen this coming a while ago...
    as for the room thingg..same thing here. EXCEPT it take 4 hours to clean it...

    Love ya Debbie!