February 5, 2012

It Sucked, and Then I Cried

Dating.  It is such a horrible game. I would like to personally thank my ex for the roller coaster ride I've been on lately.

I met a guy online in December.  We've chatted online and over the phone and texted too.  I really felt we were connecting.  We laughed together and even teased each other.  We finally met this week and went on TWO dates. Yes, that is correct.   I was so happy to be with him.  We had a great times together-all two of them.  Today he sent me an e-mail saying that there is someone else he feels closer to.  Okay.  Fine.  Whatever.

All I really want is someone to come home to who loves and appreciates me.  This is the time of life where I should be comfortable in my relationship.  Instead I'm on a roller coaster of ups and downs.  My heart has been so full of joy and excitement and then been let down and even irritated.

I have also been chatting with another guy.  He knows that he's not the only one I've been chatting with-he wanted to meet me too.  So I had 3 dates in one week.  Yes, three.  Good thing too because at least he wants to see me again.  Up up and away...

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