November 1, 2011

Speed Dating

Hello beautiful blog readers,

I know it's been a while since I've posted a real blogpost.  Please forgive me.  Even though my divorce is final it's still been a rough past couple of months.  Which brings me to the topic of my post.  Speed Dating.

Has anybody tried this?  What was it like?

I had my first taste of speed dating last Friday when I went to a mid-singles Halloween dance.  They had a card for everyone and a number assigned to you.  Women on one side, men on the other and off you went for 45 seconds asking and answering questions.  If you liked the person then you circled his number on your card, and if they liked you, they circled your number.  Then when all was said and done you handed in your card (it had your e-mail address on it) and if you had circled their number AND they had circled yours they would set you up to meet again.

It is actually very interesting what you can learn about a person in 45 seconds.  I met some great people who shared a lot of the same interests as me (U2 fan is a MUST!), which was great.  And then there were some creepy ones too.  Like the guy who was recently released from the mental hospital and is on about 5 medications, or the guy who spends all of his time taking apart small appliances and examining their motors...seriously what gives?

Well, I'm sure I'm in for many more adventures in dating land.  Wish me luck!

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