July 6, 2011

Monday Mingle 7-4-11

Happy Monday Mingle people.  Thanks to Jen at eightymphmom for hosting this fabulous meme.  So sorry to hear about the loss of your father Jen.  I hope you can feel through the grief soon.  God bless.  You are in my thoughts and prayers :)

Today's questions are from Annie at Mama Dweeb.

Current questions {week of 7/4/11} submitted by Annie from Mama Dweeb
1.  What do you do when your child refuses to eat what you made for dinner?
2.  How do you handle a grumpy kid in the store?
3.  Why is being a mom (or dad) the best thing ever?


  1. Cereal - Yes! That is a great standby for all occasions. It has solved many hungry mouth/grumpy child in our house.

    My iphone works to distract one of my kids. But then the other one wants in on the action. Luckily one is old enough that they usually bring a book along to read while shopping. Whatever works!

    Hugs and kisses from your kid are the best!

  2. yeah I like how you said I'm a parent and that's what I'm going to do parent...Love it.
    That's right Deb.
    and hugs and kisses are the best.